Milton Road – Parish Council Land

Parish Council Land – Milton Road – A number of years ago, the original owners wished to donate some land in the village to improve the sport facilities that the village has. As residents may be aware, the current provision which is located at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field frequently floods and it unusable on a number of occasions during the year.


The process for transferring the land is controlled under the Local Planning Authority and when it was given to the Parish Council, it had a restrictive covenant that it could only be used for ‘sports pitches and a community facility’.


There have been other suggested uses for the land and although they are all valid submissions, the Parish Council has to work within the remit of the restrictive covenant.


The Parish Council appreciates that not everyone will be in agreement with the development of the land. However this is an opportunity which may never arise again for the village and a village such as Adderbury, with a population of over 3000, deserves good sports facilities and a decent sized Hall which everyone can be proud of.


The Parish Council has now sought advice from Cherwell District Council and it has been confirmed that the Section 106 agreement and the Land Transfer document are different agreements.  It was also confirmed that the Land Transfer document is in full compliance with the Section 106 agreement.  It is the Land Transfer document which the Parish Council is bound by and as the transferee, the Parish Council has to comply with it and the restrictive covenant.  The full written advice will follow in due course.


Parish Poll


A Parish Poll has been called by some residents, for Thursday 11 May 2017.  The question asks ‘do you support the plans for football pitches and a clubhouse on the land north of Milton Road?’


This suggests that the Parish Council intends for this to be exclusively for football, which is not true.   The Parish Council has agreed to set-up a Working Group to investigate how the land could be used, under the legal restrictive covenant, not just for football, but other sports too.  There are other groups in the village who have already indicated that they would potentially use the Hall for their meetings and other indoor sports/fitness sessions.  There would also be provision of car parking on the site.


It is also envisaged that part of the remit of the Working Group would be to look at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and improvements which could be made on that site.   However, this would be as well as, not instead of, developing the Milton Road land.


Once the Working Group has met and has some ideas in place, there will be a full and transparent consultation process with the village, on how the project moves forward.


Whatever the outcome of the Parish Poll, the Parish Council believes that football should be part of this site, although not exclusively and it hopes that residents will support the inclusion of football, as well as other sporting activities on the site.