Council Documents

What does Adderbury Parish Council do

Legal advice from Kevin Lane, Monitoring Officer (Feb 2016) relating to planning applications

Bias in Decision Making – How to Recognise and Avoid it – February 2016

Standing Orders 2017-2018

Financial Regulations 2017-2018

Asset Register 2017-2018

Risk Management Log 2017-2018

Risk Management Schedule 2017-2018 General Items

Complaints Policy (confirmed January 2018)

Data Protection Policy (confirmed January 2018)

Freedom of Information Policy (confirmed January 2018)

Dispute Resolution Process (adopted June 2017, confirmed January 2018)

Dignity at Work Policy (adopted June 2017, confirmed January 2018)

Grievance Procedure (Adopted June 2017, confirmed January 2018)

Member/Officer Protocol (Adopted June 2017, confirmed January 2018)

APC Code of Conduct (confirmed January 2018)

Vexatious Complaints Procedure (confirmed January 2018)

Press and Media Policy (confirmed January 2018)

Good Councillors Guide 6th Edition

Good Councillor’s Guide To Finance and Transparency

Members’ Allowances Scheme 2017/2018

Chairman’s Report 2017/2018

District Councillors Report 2018

Adderbury Parish Council Accounts for Year Ending 31 March 2018

Annual Return 2016/2017 – Sections 1 & 2

Audit Notice – Inspection of Account 2016/2017

Completion of Audit 2016/2017

Adderbury Parish Council Budget & Precept for 2018/2019

Adderbury Parish Council – Safeguarding Policy 2015-2016

Review of Effectiveness of Internal Audit 2014-2015

Village Areas for Monitoring

Annual Parish Meeting Report 2017 – District Councillor Christine Heath

Hoey Ainscough Governance Review of Adderbury Parish Council 2017