Tony Gill

My wife and I moved to the village in late 1989 and our daughter was born a few years later. I started my working career in the building services industry ending this phase in international marketing and operational management roles with Carrier Corporation. The second phase was in management consultancy working with larger multinational organisations to resolve issues resulting from complex organisational structures. During this time I was a guest lecturer in systems science at Warwick University on the MBA and MSc programs. After the death of my wife from cancer in early 2011, I am now in my final career helping organisations with online/offline marketing.

I am passionate about good health through diet and fitness for all ages. That is why together with Jimmy Young and Gareth Stapleton, I helped to form the Adderbury Running Club (ARC) in 2008. Since then ARC has given financial support to many village groups and clubs where physical activity that promotes fitness is involved. I also care about not losing the essential character of our village through over development and thereby losing our rural aspect. I am concerned that without action, Adderbury may be left in the technology backwaters eg, fast broadband and better mobile signals.

If you would like to contact me, my details are as follows:

address: Billings, Horn Hill Road, Adderbury, OX17 3EW
telephone: 01295 810102
email: Please click here for a list of Parish Council email addresses