Martin Rye

I have always lived in the local area, being born in Banbury and attending Warriner School. I moved to Twyford, Adderbury in 1995 embracing the fun and vibrant life that Adderbury offers. I have 2 sons who attend Christopher Rawlins School, and participate in numerous village and local recreational activities. Such qualities make the Adderbury village life most enjoyable.

I joined Adderbury Parish Council in 2008 and consider that the future of the village and the ability to maintain our independence is important and hope that my contribution to the council meetings and activities will keep Adderbury community as we know it.

If you would like to contact me, my details are as follows:

address: 40 Twyford Road, Twyford, Banbury, Oxon  OX17 3JQ
telephone: 01295 810874
email: Please click here for a list of Parish Council email addresses