Summary of Decisions – 15 September 2015

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Summary of Decisions – 15 September 2015

This is a summary of the decisions and not the formal minutes of the Adderbury Parish Council meeting held on 15 September 2015.


If you require further information on the meeting, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Theresa Goss on 01295 710965, during normal office hours.


PRESENT:     Councillor Diane Bratt (Chairman); Councillors Colin Astley, Tony Gill, David Griffiths, Sue Jelfs, Patricia Leeman, Ann Lyons, Stuart Phipps and Martin Rye.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer), Trish Fennell and eight members of the public.






1. Welcome – The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised on the procedure for the recording of meetings.


2. Apologies for absence – District Councillor Nigel Randall.


3. Declarations of Interest – Following advice from the Monitoring Officer at Cherwell District Council Councillors Sue Jelfs, Colin Astley and Tony Gill were advised by the Clerk to declare an interest in planning applications 15/01048/F – Land West of Horn Hill Road Adderbury and 15/01384/OUT – Land South of Little Shotover and East of Cherry Tree Cottage Horn Hill Road Adderbury.


However, Colin Astley had also sought advice from Democratic Services at Cherwell District Council and had been advised not to declare an interest in these applications.  Therefore, no interests were declared.


In accordance with the Code of Conduct, Councillor Diane Bratt declared an interest in 15/01384/OUT – Land South of Little Shotover and East of Cherry Tree Cottage Horn Hill Road Adderbury.


In accordance with the Code of Conduct, all Councillors declared an interest as Trustees of the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.


4. Minutes & Matters Arising –The minutes of the meeting held on 21 July 2015 were approved with one minor amendment which was detailed in the minutes.




5. Open Forum – Mr Wood addressed the Parish Council on the traffic issues on Twyford Road.


6. Reports from County and District Councillors – Reports had been emailed to the Parish Council from District Councillor Nigel Randall and County Councillor Arash Fatemian.






i)                  Planning Applications – The planning applications considered by the Parish Council since the last meeting were noted.


ii)          Results of Planning Applications – The results of planning applications

determined by Cherwell District Council’s Planning Committee were noted.


iii)         Oxfordshire County Council Minerals and Waste Local Plan Core Strategy – The Parish Council supported the Strategy.


iv)        15/01048/F – Application for Land West of Horn Hill Road, Adderbury for a residential development of a single dwelling with associated landscaping and land for an extension to the existing village burial ground – The Parish Council supported the application.


v)         15/01384/OUT – Mr William Aylward, Land South Of Little Shotover And East Of Cherry Tree Cottage Horn Hill Road Adderbury, Outline – Erection of 5 residential dwellings – The Parish Council objected to the application.


8. Finance


i)               Accounts for Payment – The accounts for payment were approved.


ii)              Bank Reconciliation – The bank reconciliation was noted.


iii)              External Audit Report 2014/2015 – The report was noted and the Clerk was thanked for all the work on the audit for 2014/2015.


iv)              Internal Audit – Review of the effectiveness of the internal audit 2014/2015 – The report was approved.


9. Parish Council Matters


i)                Parish Council Vacancies – Diane Danton and Chris Shallis were co-opted onto the Parish Council.


ii)               Safeguarding Policy – The policy was approved.


iii)              Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan – The Plan would be ready for submission to Karen Moore on 30 September 2015 and for approval by the Parish Council at the meeting in October 2015.


iv)               Role and Responsibilities Training – Councillors were reminded that the training session was being held on 26 September 2015.


v)                Parish Council Web Site – Councillor Stuart Phipps had updated the web site and would be circulating the link shortly for Councillors to view, prior to the web site going live.


vi)               Parish Council Surgery – A cul-de-sac sign was requested for Adderbury Court and as well as a seat for Croft Lane.  Parking issues in Round Close Road were also reported.


Councillors also highlighted the parking issues on the junction of Round Close Road/Dog Close and New Road.


vii)              Benches – The memorial bench was still being progressed by the residents and they would update the Clerk in due course.   A bench in Croft Lane had been suggested by a resident and Councillors would look at suitable locations, prior to the next meeting,


viii)            Dog Bin – A new green dog bin would be installed by the corner of Chapel Lane and High Street.  The Chairman would identify a suitable location.


ix)               Memorial Tree in Adderbury Cemetery – A replacement memorial tree was approved and the Chairman and Andrew Barnes would liaise with the family of Chloe Bodfish, who had made the request.


x)               Tree Survey – A small sub-group was appointed to look at the Survey in detail.


xi)              Parish Liaison Meeting – The next meeting was at Cherwell District Council on 11 November 2015.


xii)              Agenda Format – As much information as possible would be provided to Councillors when the agenda papers were circulated.


10. Village Matters


i)             Adderbury Library – The Pimms and Posh Frocks event had been successful.  The AGM would be held in October and a quiz night would be held in November.


ii)            Play Area Inspections – The Rise and Lucy Plackett Playing Field were both fine. The rope on the play equipment in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field still needed to be repaired properly, although the temporary repair was adequate in the short term.


iii)           Recycling Services – The Parish Council requested that there be more household based collection services if the recycling centres would be closing,


iv)          Twyford Road – Councillors Colin Astley and Martin Rye would be looking into the traffic and vehicular issues on Twyford Road.




Correspondence – There were no items of correspondence.


12. Public and Press – The Parish Council passed a resolution in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that the public and press be excluded from the meeting for items numbered 13, 14 & 15 on the grounds that it could involve the likely disclosure of private and confidential information.


13. Adderbury Cemetery – The unallocated plots will be reviewed and section 3 would be used for double depth graves, as well as single depth.  An area in section 2 would be used for ashes plots.  Section 4 to be avoided until the issue of excessive water in the ground had been addressed.


14. Friends Meeting House – No update.


15. Gracewell Carehomes – A list will be sent to Peter Holcroft with ideas for the use of the £50,000.


The Lucy Jane Plackett Charity


16. Lucy Plackett Playing Field & Play Area – Dog fouling was an issue again so notices would be included in Contact, on Facebook and on the village web site asking people to clean up after their pets.


The Football Club would be asking Complete Weed Control to undertake the weed treatment on the field.


17. Meeting Dates – Future meeting dates are as follows, and will commence at 7.30pm at the Church House, Adderbury, unless stated otherwise:


20 October 2015

24 November 2015

No meeting in December 2015


18. Items for the Next Agenda


·          Allotment Rents for 2016/2017

·          Youth Club funds

·          Annual Parish Meeting 2016

·          Bench in Croft Lane

·          Parish Liaison Meeting – 11 November 2015

·          Parish Council web site

·          Proposal to move the bus stop from Chapel Lane to The Green

·          Terms of reference for the play equipment project.