Summary of Decisions – 25 October 2016

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Adderbury Parish Council Summary of Decisions 25 October 2016

This is a summary of the decisions and not the formal minutes of the meeting of Adderbury Parish Council held on 25 October 2016.


If you require further information on the meeting, please contact the Clerk to the Parish Council, Theresa Goss on 01295 710965, during normal office hours.


PRESENT:     Chairman Councillor Diane Bratt; Councillors Colin Astley, Steven Cox, Tony Gill, Sue Jelfs, Ann Lyons and Chris Shallis.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer) Trish Fennell, District Councillors Chris Heath and Andrew McHugh and nine members of the public.






1. Welcome – The Chairman welcomed everyone to the meeting and advised on the procedure for the recording of meetings.


2. Apologies for absence – Parish Councillors Ian Asbury, David Bradley, Penny Clarke, David Griffiths and Martin Rye.


3. Declarations of Interest – All Councillors as Trustees of the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.  Other interests would be detailed in the minutes.


4. Minutes & Matters Arising –The minutes of the meetings held on 13 September and 20 October 2016 were approved.


5. Open Forum – It was reported along with Mark Jones, Andrew Donaldson had also helped to clear the stream.  In addition, the street light on the bridge between St Mary’s Church and Dog Close was now working.


6. Reports from County and District Councillors – No reports.  County Councillor Arash Fatemian would circulate a report via email after the meeting.


7. Play Equipment – Progress with the project was noted.


8. Grievance The outcomes of the grievance process were noted.  Councillor Gill made an apology to the Clerk and the Clerk would take advice from her professional advisor before deciding whether it was acceptable.







i)                  Planning Applications – The planning applications considered by the Parish Council since the last meeting were noted.


ii)          Results of Planning Applications – The results of planning applications

determined by Cherwell District Council’s Planning Committee were noted.


iii)          16/01939/F – The erection of a detached two storey cottage, parking and garden (resubmission of 16/01218/F) at land east of Adderbury House Lodge, Lake Walk, Adderbury – The Parish Council would be objecting to this application.



10. Finance


i)               Accounts for Payment – The accounts for payment were approved.


ii)              Bank Reconciliation – The bank reconciliation was noted. The Clerk will investigate the proposal to move some of the reserves to create smaller balances in the bank accounts.


iii)              Internal Audit for 2016/2017 – Phil Hood from Arrow Accounting was appointed as the internal audit for 2016/2017.


iv)               Church Lane Bollards – The quote from the County Council was accepted and bollards would be installed outside of the Old Vicarage in Church Lane.  Two residents had kindly agreed to contribute to the cost of £1550 (plus VAT).


v)                Rights of Way/Section 106 Funds – The list of improvements to the footpaths in the village would be forwarded to the County Council to action, using Section 106 monies.


11. Parish Council Matters


i)                 Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan – The pre-submission plan was approved.


ii)               Parish Council Surgeries – Issues raised at the last surgery were noted and actioned.


iii)                      Health and Safety – There were no health and safety issues at:


·            The Rise play area;

·            the Lucy Plackett Playing Field/play area, however Councillor Sue Jelfs would be arranging a repair to the netting if it was required; and

·            Adderbury Lakes.


iv)               Adderbury Lakes – A report from Councillor Diane Bratt on the recent works to the footpaths was noted.


12. Village Matters


i)                Clearing of The Brook – Mark Jones and Andrew Donaldson were thanked for their work clearing the brook, clearing the church graveyard and burning all the rubbish.  The Clerk would be writing a letter of thanks on behalf of the Parish Council.


ii)                      Adderbury Library – Report from Councillor Ann Lyons was noted.


iii)               Horton Hospital – A letter of support to ‘Keep the Horton Hospital’ open, would be submitted to the appropriate bodies.


iv)              Twyford Road Noise and Traffic Issues – Councillor Colin Astley would continue his work on this project.  In addition, the Clerk would contact the County Council to establish whether there could be a 20mph speed limit in the village, including Twyford and ‘access only’ signs on specific problem roads in the village, such as the roads through Twyford and Horn Hill Road and through the village centre.  The County Council would also be asked to check the traffic lights sequence at the junction of the A4260 and Aynho Road (by the School) to address the issue of long traffic queues, particularly on week days.




Correspondence – There were no further items of correspondence.




The Lucy Jane Plackett Charity




Party in the Park – The request for use of the field on 17 June 2017 was approved.  The Committee would be asked whether Councillor Chris Shallis could join the Committee as a Parish Council representative.


15. Meeting Dates – Future meeting dates are as follows, and will commence at 7.30pm at the Church House, Adderbury, unless stated otherwise:


  • No meeting in November 2016
  • 6 December 2016 at the Methodist Hall, Adderbury
  • 17 January 2017
  • 28 February 2017
  • 28 March 2017
  • 12 April 2017 (Adderbury Annual Parish Meeting at the Methodist Hall, Adderbury)
  • 28 April 2017


16. Items for the Next Agenda


1.     Grass cutting

2.     Manor Road traffic

3.     Parish Council documents