Minutes – 23 June 2015

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Adderbury Parish Council Minutes 23 June 2015


PRESENT:     Councillor Diane Bratt (Chairman); Councillors Colin Astley, Tony Gill, David Griffiths, Sue Jelfs, Ann Lyons and Martin Rye.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer), Phil Goldsworthy Head Teacher of Christopher Rawlins Primary School and Jeremy Finch Chair of the Christopher Rawlins Primary School Governing Body.


APOLOGIES: Parish Councillor Patricia Leeman submitted her apologies and these were accepted.  Trish Fennell, District Councillor Nigel Randall and County Councillor Arash Fatemian also submitted their apologies.


The Chairman advised that should anyone wish to record the meeting, they could do so and asked that they inform the Parish Council at this point to ensure that the recording could be facilitated.


19/15     DECLARATION OF INTERESTS – The following interests were declared:


All Councillors declared an interest as trustees of the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.


Resolved that the interests be noted.


20/15     MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 19 May 2015 were taken as read, duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.


Minute Number 14/15 – Adderbury Cemetery – Councillor Colin Astley requested the following amendment:


‘because, although he had not seen it himself, graves were filling up with water when they had been dug’.


Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 19 May 2015 be approved, with the above amendment.


21/15     MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES OF 19 MAY 2015 – There were no further matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 19 May 2015.


Resolved that the report be noted.


22/15     EXPANSION OF CHRISTOPHER RAWLINS PRIMARY SCHOOL (CRPS) – The Chairman welcomed the Head Teacher of Christopher Rawlins Primary School Phil Goldsworthy and Jeremy Finch, Chair of the Governing Body to the meeting.


Jeremy Finch advised the he felt it was sensible to share the future strategy of the School with the Parish Council and there were huge benefits to meeting together and sharing information.  Jeremy reported that the School had been very keen on pursuing a two form entry strategy because the Head Teacher and Governors felt that with the amount of housing potentially coming in to the village during the next 10 years, it would be a useful long term strategy.  However it now appeared that the accelerated housing growth which the School had perceived, would not increase at the rate first thought.  There was currently due to be 180 houses built in Adderbury.


Therefore, the need for two form entry, for the foreseeable future, would not be required, but  some expansion would be necessary on the existing site.  It was sensible to look at completing the expansion in such a way that the size of the School could be increased again, at some future point, should there be the demand for school places.


Now that it had been confirmed that Deddington School would definitely not be expanding, the School had met four or five times with the architects to discuss the proposed expansion.


Phil Goldsworthy reported that every child from the village who had applied for a Foundation Stage place in September 2015, had been allocated a place.  The main difficulty was with older siblings wishing to attend the school too and not having spaces in those older year groups.  He empathasised that children from the village should be able to attend the village school.


The formula which was used to justify additional school places was 300 houses per half a form of entry, therefore 600 houses would trigger the need for an increase of a full form entry.  The School was land locked but there was capacity on site for an increase of half a form of entry which would mean the retention of the outside facilities too.


In the future, two form entry may be needed and if this was the case the sports field would possibly have to be located elsewhere.  There was not the capacity for all the facilities and an increase to a two form of entry on the current site.


The increase by half a form of entry was tight, but it could be managed and it had been suggested to the County Council that the sports field could be located elsewhere.


It was envisaged that the whole project would be cost neutral, which would include a bridging loan from the County Council via Section 106 money in order to pay for it.  If the School was expected to take pupils from Deddington too, Section 106 money allocated to Deddington might also be accessed too.


The current estimate was that the project to increase to one and half form entry would cost £1.8m.  £1.2 would come from Section 106 money and £600,000 from the County Council.  The project also included developing a larger Hall.


The Councillors asked whether Bloxham Primary School could be expanded.  Jeremy reported that it was already two form entry and was not intending to increase any further.


The Chairman highlighted that the proposed one and a half form entry expansion was based on current developments in the village and under the County Council’s formula, this would provide enough School places for Adderbury children.  The Parish Council would not wish to encourage the School to provide places for other communities, including the surrounding villages.


Phil Goldsworthy reported that the net was getting wider and children from further afield were attending the School.  It was hoped that the increased intake would be from September 2017 and investigations were being made into the feasibility of this.  In the first instance, 45 children would be taken into Foundation stage only and then as those 45 children moved further up the School, the one and half form entry would increase every year.  After seven years the whole School would be one and a half form entry in all year groups.  Phil and Jeremy both assured the Parish Council that the pupils’ education would not be compromised.


Phil advised that there were some Foundation stage admissions for September 2015, from residents of Longford Park.  However, once their own Primary School was opened, it would ease the pressure as it would be one and a half form entry, starting from Foundation and Year One and then building on that through the years.


Jeremy highlighted that Adderbury children  always received priority and the admissions policy would not be compromised.  There was also some preference to those worshipping at St Mary’s Church.


Jeremy confirmed that children from Adderbury received preference over a child from Deddington, even if their sibling(s) already attended the School.  This was stated in the School’s Admissions Policy.


Councillor Tony Gill felt that the School had a duty to cooperate with other parishes.  However the Chairman advised that the Parish Council’s policy was to support Adderbury children receiving their education at CRPS and not to provide school places for children from other villages.


Jeremy reported that in Key Stage 1, class sizes could not go over 30 pupils.  In KS 2, class sizes could go over 30 pupils but the Governing Body did not allow this to happen.


The Chairman reminded the meeting that the land on Milton Road could be an option for use as a sports field, however there would be practicalities for the School to be able to use a site on the opposite side of the village.


Jeremy advised that the Parish Council would be kept up to date with progress on the expansion and Phil extended an invitation to the Parish Council to visit the School at any time to have a look around.


The Chairman thanked Jeremy and Phil for attending the meeting and they left at this point.


23/15     OPEN FORUM – There were no members of the public present.


Resolved that the report be noted.


24/15     REPORTS FROM COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLORS – County Councillor Arash Fatemian had advised that he would circulate his report to the Parish Council in the next few days.


There was no report from District Councillor Nigel Randall.


Resolved that the report be noted.


25/15     PLANNING


  1. Planning Applications – Prior to the meeting, the details of the planning applications which had been considered by the Parish Council, since the last meeting, had been circulated.


Resolved that it be noted that no observations had been made by the Parish Council in respect of the following applications, and these be approved:


15/00112/TCA          Mr P Hujan

Manor End House Manor Road Adderbury

T1 x Cherry – Fell


15/00124/TCA          Mr S Cann

Adderbury House, Lake Walk, Adderbury

G1 x Yew – crown raise 5.0 metres over road as trees becoming low over Lake Walk and being hit by large vehicles


15/00128/TCA          M A Piet

Eridge House, Horn Hill Road, Adderbury‏

H1 x Leylandii hedge – Remove


15/00846/F               Mr Darren Milward

The Lodge Greenhill Twyford

Alterations and erection of single storey side extension and two-storey side/rear extension


15/00843/F               Mr and Mrs C Deplace

5 Green Farm Adderbury

Part single storey, part two storey rear extension – re-submission of 15/00526/F


Resolved that, it be noted that, observations had been made by the Parish Council in respect of the following application, and these comments be approved:



Resolved that, it be noted that, objections had been made by the Parish Council in respect of the following application:



Resolved that, it be noted that, the Parish Council was considering the following planning applications:


15/00904/F               Mr and Mrs Tony Rutter

11 Sydenham Close Adderbury

Two storey extension to side


15/00960/F               Mrs M Grace

Cobb Cottage 5 Mill Lane Adderbury

Demolition of single storey rear extension and erection of tow storey rear extension


15/00923/F               Mr & Mrs James & Louise Young

St Mary’s House Horn Hill Road Adderbury

New railings to wall facing Horn Hill Road and new stone garden wall to rear


15/00956/F               Mrs Caroline Cooper

30A Twyford Road Twyford Adderbury

Erection of a 1.5 storey dwelling on land to the rear of 30A Twyford Road


15/01042/LB             Mr Raj Deb

Fleet Farm Barns Aynho Road Adderbury

Change of window and door materials from timber to powder-coated aluminium – Amendment to Application 12/01360/LB


Resolved that it be noted that the Conservation Officer would be looking into the repointing at Ivy House.


  1. ii) Planning Results – These had been circulated to all members prior to the meeting.


14/01548/F – The Old Wharf, Aynho Road, Adderbury – The Clerk reported that the application had been refused by Cherwell District Council and was then subsequently approved by The Planning Inspectorate at an appeal.


Resolved that the report be noted.


iii)      Longford Park Primary School – Prior to the meeting, the proposed admissions arrangements for opening September 2016 had been circulated to the Parish Council.


Resolved that the policy be supported.  Action TG


  1. iv) Footpath Diversion – Prior to the meeting, a proposed diversion of footpath 23 had been circulated to the Parish Council. The proposed diversion was being put in place because it had been affected by planning application 14/01454/F.


The Chairman reported that it now appeared that the route went through a yard or garden of a property and the old route was much less intrusive and across open ground.  There was also a need for clearer signage.


Resolved that the Parish Council has no objection to the diversion but would like to ensure that the public footpath from A to E was clearly marked on site and there was also clear access where the route of the footpath ran between two properties.  Action TG


  1. v) Gracewell Care Homes – The Chairman reported that a meeting had been arranged with Gracewell Care Homes on 27 July 2015 at 2.30pm.


Members were unable to attend a meeting on 27 July 2015 therefore it would be re-arranged to sometime between 11 and 14 August 2015, during the daytime.


Resolved that the report be noted and the date of the meeting be changed.  Action TG


26/15     FINANCE


  1. Bank Reconciliations – Prior to the meeting, the Clerk had circulated the bank reconciliations as at 23 June 2015 for the accounts at Santander, Barclays, Natwest and Cambridge Building Society.


Resolved that the bank reconciliations for the Barclays, Santander, Natwest and Cambridge Building Society be noted.


  1. ii) Accounts – The Clerk submitted to the Parish Council, the accounts to be paid.


Resolved that the following accounts be approved for payment:


T Goss – Salary for June 2015


T Goss – Expenses for June 2015


HMRC – Quarterly payment


Complete Weed Control – First treatment in May 2015


Green Scythe Ltd – Grass cutting at the LPPF for April 2015


ORCC – Annual Subscription


N Claxton – Works at The Lakes


Thomas Fox – Grass cutting in the village


Green Scythe Ltd – Grass cutting at the LPPF for May 2015


Cherwell District Council Rates – Annual



Grants 2015/2016 Amount
Adderbury Cine Club £170
Adderbury Gardening Club £170
1st Adderbury Rainbows £170
Adderbury Evergreens (Over 60’s Club) £170
St Mary’s Church £170
Adderbury Theatre Workshop £170
Party In the Park £170
Adderbury Library Action Committee – Grant for 2014/2015 & 2015/2016 £1000
Adderbury, Deddington and District Photographic Society £170
Adderbury History Society £170
1st Adderbury Scout Group £170
Adderbury Football Club £170
Adderbury Institute £170


              iii)      Parish Council Bank Account – The Chairman reported that the Parish Council had received a letter from Barclays asking whether the Parish Council wished to close its accounts as they had not been used for some time.


Resolved that the two Barclays bank accounts be closed and the balances be transferred to the Santander current account.  Action TG




  1. Parish Council Vacancies – The Chairman reported that there had not been any applications to for the vacancies.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Parish Council Documents – Prior to the meeting, the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Assets Register and Risk Register had been circulated to the Parish Council.


Resolved that the Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Assets Register and Risk Register be approved.  Action TG


  • Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan (ANP) – Councillors Tony Gill and Colin Astley updated the Parish Council on the ANP.


The Chairman reported that on the request of the ANP team, she had made enquires about consultants and had spoken to a consultant called Neil Homer.  Neil was asked if he would look at individual policies, but he didn’t want to do any work in a piecemeal fashion.  He advised the Chairman that should Karen Moore recommend that the Plan required further work, then the Parish Council should take her advice and agree to engage professional help.  If this was the case, the Chairman felt that Neil Homer should then be engaged to progress the Plan.


The Chairman reminded members that at the last meeting, the Parish Council did not want engage professional help, despite advice to do so from Karen Moore, and Councillor Gill had requested to continue with preparing the Plan.  However, the Parish Council did agree to re-consider the idea of professional help following the ANP meeting on 4 June 2015.  At that meeting, there was a feeling that professional help would be a good idea.


Councillor Gill reported that the policies had been completed which included details on the intent, context and justification and had been submitted to Cherwell District Council (CDC) for discussion.   It was hoped that a meeting of the NP Team and SAR Team would be held on 6 or 8 July 2015, however CDC had advised that they could not meet with the Parish Council until at least 22 July 2015.


The consultee report had also been completed and work was about to start on the basic conditions report.  Once the conditions report had been completed, the ANP would be submitted to CDC and when it was returned, it would be referred to Karen Moore for the Health Check.


The submission of the ANP to CDC would depend on the Health Check results, but it was hoped the ANP would be ready for approval at the next Parish Council meeting.


The Chairman reported that the Parish Council also needed to register for a grant towards the consultants fees, should the consultant be required, however the grant approval only lasted for 30 days.  Therefore, the application would need to be re-registered.


The Chairman thanked Councillors Astley and Gill for their work on the Plan.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • if Karen Moore recommends that professional help is required after the Health Check, then Neil Homer or other professional consultant be appointed; and Action DB
  • to cover the costs of the consultant, grant funding applications be submitted as required. Action DB


  1. Parish Council Web Site – As Councillor Stuart Phipps was not present at the meeting, this item was deferred to the next meeting.


Councillor Tony Gill also suggested that the ANP web site and Parish Council web site should continue to be kept separate.


Councillor Gill would be updating the Adderburyplan.info web site and asked members to look at the site prior to the next meeting


Resolved that:


  • discussion on the Parish Council web site be deferred to the next meeting of the Parish Council; and Action TG
  • all members to look at Adderbury.info and make any comments. Action ALL


  1. Parish Liaison Meeting – The Chairman reported that due to the lateness of the hour, the report on Cherwell District Council’s Parish Liaison Meeting held on 10 June 2015 be submitted to the next meeting.


Resolved that this item be deferred to the next meeting.  Action TG


  1. Benches – The Chairman reported that a resident in the village had offered to pay for a memorial bench, to be located somewhere in Twyford.


The Parish Council had no objections to this proposal and asked the Clerk to contact the resident to establish any proposed sites.


Resolved that the request for a bench to be located in Twyford be approved and this be discussed again at the next meeting.  Action TG


  • FEOFFEES – Councillor Sue Jelfs reported that she had recently attended a Feoffees meeting.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Parish Council Surgery – Councillor Tony Gill advised on the following items which had been reported at the last Parish Council Surgery:


  • Mrs Nicholls asked that gate to the Lucy Plackett Playing Field be left open for people who were picnicking in the summer. The Parish Council felt that the gate should not be left open permanently due to the security of the site and buildings.  However, members did have sympathy for the issues of residents’ driveways being blocked by parked cars.
  • Mr May asked for the footpath along Mill Stream to be cleared. The Parish Council would report this to the County Council as footpaths was the responsibility of the County Council.
  • Mr Mark Hewish highlighted again the issues of speeding on Horn Hill Road and all through the village. This would be an item on the next Parish Council agenda.
  • A request was made for a stop sign at the junction from Milton Road onto Horn Hill Road. This would be an item on the next Parish Council agenda.
  • Mrs Barbara Talbot reported that the grass towards Le Hall Place had not been cut. However this had now been completed.
  • Mrs Barbara Talbot requested that there be an additional street light on Colin Butler Green. This would be an item on the next Parish Council agenda.
  • A request was made for double yellow lines on part of the High Street as buses and dustbin lorries caused issues along High Street due to all the parked cars. This would be an item on the next Parish Council agenda.


Resolved that the report be noted and the above actions be approved.  Action TG




  1. Adderbury Library – There was no report on Adderbury Library as Councillor Stuart Phipps was not present.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Play Area Inspections – Councillor David Griffiths reported that The Rise was fine, but the gate still needed to be replaced.


Councillor Ann Lyons reported that the Lucy Placket Playing Field play area was fine, except that the ropes on the play equipment needed to be taped up as they appeared to have been vandalised.  The Parish Council felt that Reids Playground Equipment who had completed the maintenance works to the play equipment last year, should be asked about replacing the ropes.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • Dave Chandler be contacted about the repairs to the gate at The Rise; Action TG
  • Martin Rye to tape up the ropes on the play equipment in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field play area as a short term measure until they are replaced; and Action MR
  • Reids Playground Maintenance be contacted about replacing the ropes on the play equipment. Action TG


  • Grass Cutting – Councillor Sue Jelfs reported that the village areas which had been missed by the contractors had now been cut and these were clearly teething problems with the new contract.


The Parish Councillors agreed that the grass cutting in the village and in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field was very good and asked for the Parish Council’s thanks be passed to Nigel Plummridge and Thomas Fox.


The Clerk was also asked about progress with the re-seeding on the pitch which was being arranged by the Football Club.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • Nigel Plummridge from Green Scythe Ltd and Thomas Fox be thanked for the their work cutting the grass; and Action TG
  • the Football Club be contacted with regard to the re-seeding of the pitch. Action TG


28/15     CORRESPONDENCE – There were no items of correspondence.


Resolved that the report be noted.




Resolved that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the minutes numbered 30/15, 31/15 & 32/15 on the grounds that it could involve the likely disclosure of private and confidential information which was not in the public domain.


30/15     ADDERBURY CEMETERY – The Chairman reported that along with Councillor Patricia Leeman she had met with Craig Hampton from the Environment Agency.


They discussed the issues with the cemetery and why there was water an excessive amount of water in the ground in that particular area.  However, Mr Hampton was not worried about the situation although should the cemetery be expanded at any time, a survey would be needed on any proposed burial ground.


To help with the issues, Mr Hampton suggested that the Parish Council could look at organising burials in a different way and cremated remains could be interred where the land was wetter, because the plots were not dug as deep as those for burials.


It was also noted that the ditches surrounding the cemetery should be cleared and the Chairman reported that a request had been made to Jeff Colgrave to clear his ditches and he had agreed to do so.


If the Parish Council was offered an extension to the cemetery, some trial plots would have to be dug to establish if there were any issues with rock and the water table.  However, the land surrounding the cemetery might not cause any issues because it was higher and there was more rock there, rather than mudstone.


The pipe under Erridge House was discussed and it should be regularly jetted to help alleviate the flooding issues.   Mr Hampton had suggested that this matter should be referred to Cherwell District Council as any blockages in the pipe would add to the problems of flooding in that area.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • the ditches around the cemetery be cleared; Action DB/TG
  • if land be transferred to the Parish Council for an extension to the burial ground, trial plots be dug to establish any issues with the ground;
  • local Undertakers be contacted for advice about managing the burials more effectively; and Action TG/DB
  • Cherwell District Council be contacted to look into the flooding issue caused by the pipe underneath Erridge House. Action TG


31/15     FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE – The Chairman reported that a meeting had been arranged with the Friends on Tuesday 7 July 2015 at 2pm.


Resolved that the report be noted.


32/15     MEMBER DEVELOPMENT – The Chairman reported on a proposal for member development, in consultation with Cherwell District Council and the cost of this process.


Resolved that the member development be in consultation with Cherwell District Council, be started in September 2015.  Action TG


(The public and press were invited back in to the meeting at the conclusion of this item)




33/15     PAVILION IN THE LUCY PLACKETT PLAYING FIELD – The Chairman reported to the Parish Council on the legal advice which had been received from the National Association of Local Councils with regard to the ownership of the Pavilion in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.


The Chairman highlighted clauses within the lease relating to its termination.


              Resolved that the report be noted.


34/15               BOLLARD IN THE LUCY PLACKETT PLAYING FIELD – Prior to the meeting, a quote for a new removable bollard had been circulated to the Parish Council.


Resolved that a new bollard not be purchased and the current concrete bollard stay in place.


35/15               MEETING DATES – The Parish Council noted the following meeting dates, all commencing at 7.30pm at the Church House (unless otherwise stated):


  • 21 July 2015
  • No meeting in August 2015
  • 15 September 2015
  • 20 October 2015
  • 24 November 2015
  • No meeting in December 2015




  • Parish Council web site
  • info web site
  • Adderbury Running Club event on the second Saturday of July 2016
  • Speeding on Horn Hill Road
  • Additional Street Light on Colin Butler Green/ Manor Road
  • Stop sign at junction from Milton Road onto Horn Hill Road.
  • Parish Liaison Meeting


(The meeting closed at 10.10pm)