Minutes – July 2016

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Adderbury Parish Council Minutes 26 July 2016



PRESENT:    Councillor Diane Bratt (Chairman); Councillors Ian Asbury, Colin Astley, Steven Cox, Tony Gill, Sue Jelfs, Ann Lyons, Martin Rye and Chris Shallis.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE:  County Councillor Arash Fatemian and five members of the public.


APOLOGIES:  There were apologies from David Bradley, Penny Clarke, David Griffiths and Clerk to the PC Theresa Goss.


In the absence of the Clerk the minutes were taken by Trish Fennell.


The Chairman advised that should anyone wish to record the meeting, they could do so.  Resident Nigel Wood asked if he could record and permission was granted.


The Chairman welcomed members of the public and reminded councillors of the suggested timings for discussion of items on the agenda which she was keen to adhere to.


42/16   DELCARATIONS OF INTEREST:    All Councillors declared an interest as Trustees of the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.


43/16   MINUTES:  It was noted that, owing to the Clerk being absent, some items on the minutes of the meeting held on 28th June 2016 had not been followed up. The Chairman would investigate.


It was suggested that items raised in Open Forum should be reported a little more fully.  The matter would be put on the next Agenda for discussion, as would the subject of councillors’ responsibility for village areas.  The minute 32/16 iv would be altered to read ‘It was reported that faults had been noticed in the VAS sign ….’


Following some minor changes the minutes were taken as read, duly adopted and signed by the Chairman.


44/16   OPEN FORUM:   Matters raised by Nigel Wood included 106 Monies, recording of meetings and the legal status of the Neighbourhood Plan.  The Chairman replied by stating that the status of the Neighbourhood Plan had not changed and had always been a working group, not a committee, and did not have to meet in public, but had to keep notes and report back to the PC.  The Staffing Committee was formed to deal with staffing matters which were not for public discussion as they often involved financial and personal matters. The recent meeting had been held to discuss the Clerk’s pension.


45/16   REPORTS FROM COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLORS:  There was an apology from District Councillor Nigel Randall.


County Councillor Arash Fatemian reported on investigations that were being made by OCC into the feasibility of selling land belonging to them across the region.  There was one such piece of land in Adderbury situated on the left before the entrance to Lake House for which there has been a planning application for one property.


46/16   PLAY EQUIPMENT PROJECT:  Councillor Jelfs reported that she had had one meeting with a play equipment supplier and had two more planned.  All three companies had promised to respond by the next PC meeting in September.


47/16   PLANNING:  No observations had been made by the PC in respect of the following applications:

Mr Graham Osborne – The Bridge House, Horn Hill Road

Mr Matthew Gaskin – 6 Oxford Road, Adderbury

Mr and Mrs Richard White – 7 St. Mary’s Road, Adderbury

Mr Pat Flemming – Pebsham Cottage, Aynho Road, Adderbury

Mr and Mrs D Whitrow – 66 Rochester Way, Twyford

Mr and Mrs Dunstan – The Old House, Tanners Lane, Adderbury


Objections had been raised by the PC concerning the following applications:

16/01208/F – proposed cottage at entrance to Lake Walk, Adderbury

16/01171/F – Jeddah’s Paddock, East End, Adderbury


Currently under consideration are the following applications:


16/01230/DISC – Retrospective – separation of large 3-bed flat into 2 1-bed flats – Garden View, Manor Road, Adderbury

16/00316/DISC – Discharge of Conditions 6,7,8 & 9 of Application 16/00702/LB – Tythe Barn House, High Street, Adderbury

16/00317/DISC –Discharge of Conditions 5,6,7 & 8 of Application 16/00701/F – Tythe Barn House, High Street, Adderbury.


48/16   FINANCE:  It was resolved that the accounts should be approved for payment (Majority Vote).

Bank reconciliation and Quarterly Budget Monitoring Report were not available owing to the absence of the Clerk.

49/16   PARISH COUNCIL MATTERS:  i)  Nick Fennell gave the following report on the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan

  1. The ANP steering Group ( 6 Parish councillors and 6 members of the public) has drafted the policies which will be reviewed by our consultant in early August, and then amended by the Steering Group
  2. These policies will then be displayed at public meetings
  3. a) in the Institute on the evening of 14th September
  4. b) in the school on the morning of 17th September

where villagers will be able to read them and make comments

  1. For a week from 14th September villagers will also be asked to complete an online questionnaire about the future of Adderbury’s leisure facilities, including options for sport and community usage of the Milton Road field recently acquired for the village
  2. The Neighbourhood Plan will then be reviewed as a result of this village feedback, and ratified at the October Parish Council meeting. A pre-submission document will then go out for public consultation for 6 weeks from 28th October, leading to the final plan for submission to CDC after it has been ratified at the January Parish Council meeting.
  3. ii) Parish Council Website: Councillor Gill was keen to remove the @ on councillors’ email addresses on the PC website to reduce the risk of them receiving multiple spam emails.

iii) Parish Council Surgery:  The Chairman had attended the last surgery.  Three residents attended raised matters including new temporary traffic signs and the possibility of mobile VAS signs, planning issues in Manor Road, and grass cutting.  All matters would be investigated.

50/16   VILLAGE MATTERS:  i)  Recreation Areas;  No problems were reported at The Lakes, The Rise or The Lucy Plackett Playing Field except for the necessary replacement of netting in the latter.

  1. Topple Test: The cemetery working group required guidance to enable them to carry this out satisfactorily.
  2. Adderbury Library: Councillor Lyons reported on FOCAL stating that the Chairman, although confident of raising the £9000 necessary to keep the library running at current levels, was sad to say that out of such a large village only 100 people supported FOCAL.  Any support from the PC to help increase numbers would be appreciated.  The FOCAL committee had vacancies for Secretary, Membership Secretary and Website manager.  The next meeting of FOCAL would be on 20th August 2016.
  • Drainage issues: The Chairman had spoken to the contractor on site at Adderbury Cemetery who had agreed to clear the council owned drain for £500.  There was permission for the spoil to be deposited on the neighbouring field owned by Colegraves.  Councillors voted to accept this quotation.
  1. Twyford Road Noise and Traffic Issues: Councillor Astley reported that the Dept. of Transport EU Legislation would take effect on vehicle noise which is a long term issue.  Maters relating to the Canal Bridge would be addressed when the results of a similar issue in Herefordshire were known.
  2. Milton Road/Horn Hill Road Feasibility Study: The group had started to meet residents to get their view on the CC study for traffic calming issues and recommended options.
  3. Temporary traffic calming signs: The Road Safety representative had informed the PC that there were 3 different signs to choose from and it was agreed to ask for a selection to be erected around the village.

51/16   CORRESPONDENCE:  There was none.

52/16   PUBLIC AND PRESS – To consider passing a resolution in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, that the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the remaining minutes on the grounds that it could involve the likely disclosure of private and confidential information which was not in the public domain.



53/16   REPORT FROM STAFFING COMMITTEE – AL reported that under Auto Enrolment Regulations the PC has to provide the Clerk with a pension scheme to join by November of this year.


After discussion it was agreed that the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) run by Oxfordshire County Council was the correct course to take.


OCC had been contacted regarding admission to the Scheme.


The costs to APC as an employer are currently 16.6% of the Clerks salary, this may increase or decrease in line with triennial evaluations of the Scheme.


The current payroll providers will be responsible for all associated paperwork and statutory returns.


The Staffing Committee voted unanimously in favour of this route


The Parish Council also agreed to the Clerk joining the LGPS at Oxfordshire County Council.