Minutes – 21 July 2015

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Adderbury Parish Council Minutes 21 July 2015



PRESENT:     Councillor Diane Bratt (Chairman); Councillors Colin Astley, Tony Gill, Sue Jelfs and Martin Rye.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer) and Trish Fennell.


APOLOGIES: Parish Councillors David Griffiths, Stuart Phipps, Patricia Leeman and Ann Lyons submitted their apologies and these were accepted.  District Councillor Nigel Randall also submitted his apologies.


The Chairman advised that should anyone wish to record the meeting, they could do so and asked that they inform the Parish Council at this point to ensure that the recording could be facilitated.


37/15     DECLARATION OF INTERESTS – The following interests were declared:


All Councillors declared an interest as trustees of the Lucy Plackett Playing Field.


Councillor Tony Gill declared an interest under the Code of Conduct, in item 50/15 relating to Adderbury Running Club


Resolved that the interests be noted.


38/15     MINUTES – The minutes of the meeting held on 23 June 2015 were taken as read, duly adopted and signed by the Chairman, with one amendment


Minute Number 30/15 – Adderbury Cemetery – Councillor Colin Astley asked that in paragraph 5, the words ‘probably wouldn’t’ be amended to ‘might not’ so the following sentence would read:


‘however, the land surrounding the cemetery might not cause any issues because it was higher and there was more rock there, rather than mudstone.’


Resolved that the minutes of the meeting held on 23 June 2015 be approved, with the above amendment.          


39/15     MATTERS ARISING FROM THE MINUTES OF 23 JUNE 2015 – There were no further matters arising from the minutes of the meeting held on 23 June 2015.


Resolved that the report be noted.


40/15     OPEN FORUM – Mr Nigel Wood attended the meeting and addressed the Parish Council with regard to Section 106 monies.  He asked if it was possible for a six monthly update report on the funds which were available to Adderbury and that this be published on the Parish Council web site.


Mr Wood also suggested that the County Council and Cherwell District Council should give the Section 106 money to the Parish Council so that it accrued the interest.


The Chairman reported that under current law, Section 106 money could not be received by Parish Council, until it was realised by the County or District Council for a specific project.  However, when the money was released, the Parish Council did receive any interest which had been accrued on the balances.


Mr Wood also asked why VAS signs had been installed on Berry Hill Road and Horn Hill Road and not on Twyford Road.


The Chairman reported that the VAS signs had been funded from earlier developments from money held at the County Council.  The Parish Council had requested traffic calming measures over a number of years and the measures introduced resulted from a traffic calming working group (including members of the public) that had looked at these issues for a long time.  All the funding had now been used and the Parish Council had purchased VAS signs following advice from the County Council Highways Officers.


If there were any developments at the Twyford Road end of the village, then the Parish Council would request funds be allocated and used on Twyford Road.


Mr Wood also highlighted the noise issues at night on Twyford Road from the vehicles going to and from Cherwell Valley Silos and the impact on residents which could be physical and mental damage, according to the World Health Organisation.  He felt that the Parish Council could do more to address this issue.


The Chairman reminded Mr Wood that the Parish Council was not the Highway Authority and could only make comments to the appropriate bodies.  It had done this on numerous occasions and had done as much as it could within its powers.


The Chairman thanked Mr Wood for his comments.


Councillor Astley advised that after the Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan had been completed, he would be happy to look into this matter on behalf of the Parish Council and Mr Wood.


Councillor Gill also advised Mr Wood that he could join the community groups which would evolve from the ANP and have an input on traffic matters in the village in that way.


Resolved that the report be noted.


41/15     REPORTS FROM COUNTY AND DISTRICT COUNCILLORS – There was no report from County Councillor Arash Fatemian.  District Councillor Nigel Randall had emailed a report prior to the meeting.


Resolved that the report be noted.


42/15     PLANNING


  1. Planning Applications – Prior to the meeting, the details of the planning applications which had been considered by the Parish Council, since the last meeting, had been circulated.


Resolved that it be noted that no observations had been made by the Parish Council in respect of the following applications, and these be approved:


15/00904/F                 Mr and Mrs Tony Rutter

11 Sydenham Close Adderbury

Two storey extension to side


15/00960/F                 Mrs M Grace

Cobb Cottage 5 Mill Lane Adderbury

Demolition of single storey rear extension and erection of tow storey rear extension


15/00923/F                 Mr & Mrs James & Louise Young

St Mary’s House Horn Hill Road Adderbury

New railings to wall facing Horn Hill Road and new stone garden wall to rear


15/00198/TCA            Mr S McCann

Adderbury House Lake Walk Adderbury

G1 x Box – Multi stem group, to reduce frontage by 30% and remove rear stems along neighbouring boundary down to 2.0 metre stems to allow to pollard at low level


15/00200/TCA            Mr Christopher Cudahy

Westway House Horn Hill Road Adderbury

T1 x Cherry tree – Fell


15/01151/F                 Bloor Homes South Midlands

OS Parcel 8300 East of Deene Close Aynho Road Adderbury

Variation of condition 36 relating to Code Level 4 of 13/01768/F


15/01107/F                  Mr Nick Handley

38 Walton Avenue Twyford

Remove existing pre-fabricated garage and erect two storey side extension


Resolved that, it be noted that, observations had been made by the Parish Council in respect of the following application, and these comments be approved:


15/01042/LB               Mr Raj Deb

Fleet Farm Barns Aynho Road Adderbury

Change of window and door materials from timber to powder-coated aluminium – Amendment to Application 12/01360/LB


Resolved that, it be noted that, objections had been made by the Parish Council in respect of the following application:


15/00956/F                 Mrs Caroline Cooper

30A Twyford Road Twyford Adderbury

Erection of a 1.5 storey dwelling on land to the rear of 30A Twyford Road


Resolved that, it be noted that, the Parish Council was considering the following planning applications:


15/01247/OUT            David Wilson Homes (Mercia)

OS Parcel 4100 Adjoining and South of Milton Road Adderbury

Variation of condition 19 of 13/00456/OUT.


15/00218/TCA             Mr Michael Smith

The Cottage Church Lane Adderbury

T1 x Maple – 30% crown reduction as tree is growing into overhead cables and is close to the property


15/01186/LB                Mr and Mrs P Fleming

Pebsham Cottage Aynho Road Adderbury

Removal and replacement of flooring in dining room and kitchen


  1. ii) Planning Results – These had been circulated to all members prior to the meeting.


Resolved that the report be noted.


iii)      15/01048/F – The Parish Council discussed the application for land west of Horn Hill Road, Adderbury for a residential development of a single dwelling with associated landscaping and land for an extension to the existing village burial ground.


The Chairman reminded the Parish Council that some time ago, it had agreed in principle to support this application, if it was deemed to be a suitable development.


The Chairman highlighted that this was an enabling application, which would create funds for maintenance work at the Friends Meeting House.  Historic England had also stated that it was an acceptable proposal.


As there were some issues with the current cemetery, the additional land would give the Parish Council further options for burials and also an alternative access to the existing cemetery.


The land which had been proposed to be transferred to the Parish Council, could be used for car parking or a memorial garden, if it was not used for burials.  Craig Hampton from the Environment Agency had stated that it would be easy to manage some of the land for burials and where this was not possible, it could be used for cremated remains.  Therefore, Chairman suggested that the Parish Council should support this application.


Councillor Tony Gill reported that this dwelling was outside of the ANP residential settlement boundary and until the ground was proven to be suitable for burials, it should not be taken on.  He also felt that drainage was an issue there too and the Parish Council would be taking on land and extra responsibilities, which it didn’t need to.


Councillor Sue Jelfs felt that the sums of money involved were disproportionate to the size of the development and that there could be other conditions attached to it in the future, which were not being disclosed at the present time.


There was discussion about other possible development in this area if the settlement boundary was moved but it was highlighted that if the Parish Council had ownership of this piece of land, it would be secured and would not be developed on.


The Chairman highlighted that the money for the enabling part of the development, would go to Cherwell District Council before it was received by the Parish Council, similar to Section 106 funds


The Parish Council would also have to demonstrate to Cherwell District Council where the money was being spent and this application should be viewed as an application which was for the good of the village.


The Chairman also felt that this application for a single dwelling was not so detrimental to the village and the Friends Meeting House that the Parish Council should object to it.  There could also be an argument that the residential settlement boundary could be extended.


Councillor Colin Astley advised that Cherwell District Council had advised the Neighbourhood Plan Team to tighten up the residential boundary and this proposal would result it in being moved out further.


The Chairman then proposed that this application be supported.  The proposal was seconded by Councillor Martin Rye.


Those in favour of the proposal – The Chairman and Parish Councillor Martin Rye

          Those against the proposal – Councillors Colin Astley, Tony Gill and Sue Jelfs


Therefore, the proposal was not carried.


Resolved that the Parish Council objects to the application on the following grounds:


  1. the single dwelling falls outside of the residential settlement boundary which is part of the pre-submission Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan process;
  2. the proposed land for the cemetery would need a survey before it is used as a burial site;
  3. the close proximity to a Listed Grade 2* building is of concern,although APC notes Historic England’s comments for the use of ‘high quality materials and detailing’ as conditions for permission; and
  4. if Cherwell District Council is minded to approve the application, the Parish Council wouldwelcome the opportunity to discuss further the proposed funds for the Friends Meeting House and the other community benefits.

43/15     FINANCE


  1. Bank Reconciliations – Prior to the meeting, the Clerk had circulated the bank reconciliations as at 21 July 2015 for the accounts at Santander, Barclays, Natwest and Cambridge Building Society.


Resolved that the bank reconciliations for the Barclays, Santander, Natwest and Cambridge Building Society be noted.


  1. ii) Accounts – The Clerk submitted to the Parish Council, the accounts to be paid.


Resolved that the following accounts be approved for payment:


T Goss – Salary for July 2015


T Goss – Expenses for July 2015


T Goss – Salary for August 2015


Native Forestry – Supply of wild flower plug plants at Lakes


N Claxton – Works at The Lakes


Came and Company – Insurance for 2015/2016


Rascal Horticultural Services – Cemetery and Allotment Maintenance


D Chandler – Installing benches and replacing gate at The Rise


Glasdon UK Ltd – Bench at Lucy Plackett Playing Field


Green Scythe Ltd – Grass cutting at the LPPF for June 2015


T Goss – Petty Cash


Thomas Fox – Grass cutting in the village



Resolved that Green Scythe Ltd be asked to clarify the dates of the gang mowing cuts at the Lucy Plackett Playing Field during June.  Action TG


iii)       FOCAL – The Parish Council considered a request from FOCAL for £2500 to assist with the running costs at Adderbury Library.


The Parish Council felt that after viewing the accounts and other information supplied by Keith Mitchell, FOCAL did not need the funds imminently and there did not appear to be a shortfall.


However the Parish Council would have the funds available in its budget for FOCAL, if a specific need was identified.  But currently their fundraising was doing well and there was a surplus of £7,726.16 at the end of the last financial year.


                        Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • if FOCAL could demonstrate a specific need for £2500, the Parish Council would consider this request again; and Action TG
  • the current funds for FOCAL in the Parish Council’s budget, be ring fenced.




  1. Parish Council Vacancies – The Chairman reported that there had not been any applications for the two vacancies, therefore they would continue to be advertised.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan (ANP) – Councillor Tony Gill reported that the Local Plan had been approved by Cherwell District Council and because David Peckford and Shukri Masseri had been working on it, they had not been able to meet with the ANP Team. However, it was hoped that a meeting would now be held shortly.


Councillor Gill reported that Karen Moore was on holiday until 9 August 2015 and he intended to submit the Plan to Karen around 15-17 August 2015.  The week prior to this, the SAR and ANP teams would be able to view a copy of the Plan.  However, the other option was for the SAR and ANP teams to wait until Karen had reviewed it and then it could be read by the team and the Parish Councillors.


Councillor Gill hoped that all the documents would be ready around 8-10 August 2015 and would be available in Drop Box.


The ANP could then be submitted to Cherwell District Council in early September, however this would depend on the comments from Karen.


The Chairman thanked Councillors Astley and Gill for their work on the Plan.


Resolved that:


1)      the report be noted;

  • Councillor Gill will make the ANP and all the other documents available to members of ANP/SAR and the Parish Council as soon as they are ready (not waiting until after Karen Moore has seen it);
  • a meeting will be arranged to discuss the ANP with Cherwell District Council as soon as possible, which will include the Parish Council Chairman; and
  • as agreed at previous APC meeting APC will take advice from Karen Moore on the next stage of the ANP


  • Parish Council Web Site – Councillor Stuart Phipps was not present at the meeting so the Parish Council web site was deferred to the next meeting.


Councillor Tony Gill and the Clerk reported on the issues with the Parish Council email addresses, which included emails not being forwarded on correctly and the high volume of spam.  Therefore, it was agreed that the email addresses would be deleted.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted; and

the Parish Council email addresses be deleted.  Action TG

  1. Parish Liaison Meeting – The Chairman and Councillor Tony Gill reported on the Parish Liaison Meeting which had been held on 10 June 2015 at Cherwell District Council.


The main items which had been discussed were the CDC Local Plan and also safeguarding policies for Parish Councils.


Cherwell District Council had advised that Parish Councils should have a safeguarding policy and that they could offer advice on its content.


It was unclear exactly how the policy would be formed and what would need to be included, however, the Clerk would look into this and report back to the Parish Council in due course.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted;
  • investigations be made into a safeguarding policy for the Parish Council; Action TG and
  • a risk assessment be carried out, if necessary. Action TG


  1. Parish Council Surgery – No issues had been raised at the last surgery.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Benches – Following the Parish Council’s agreement in principle at the last meeting for a memorial bench in Twyford, the Clerk reported that she was waiting for the resident who had made the request, to suggest a specific location. It was suggested that this bench could replace the existing one on The Green, opposite the Coach and Horses.


The Chairman suggested that the bench by the bus stop could also be replaced, along with one in Adderbury court.


Resolved that:


  • this item be deferred to the next meeting of the Parish Council; Action TG
  • Councillors to look at the benches in the village ready for the next meeting; and
  • Thomas Fox be advised that the grass at Adderbury Court has not been cut. Action TG




  1. Adderbury Library – There was no report on Adderbury Library as Councillor Stuart Phipps was not present.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  1. Play Area Inspections – As Councillors David Griffiths and Ann Lyons were not present, there was no report on The Rise or the Lucy Placket Playing Field play areas.


Councillor Sue Jelfs volunteered to lead on a project to make improvements to the play equipment in the village and would ask residents for their views on the current play equipment and give their ideas for new equipment.


It was suggested that there could be table tennis by the MUGA in the Lucy Plackett Playing Field and also adult gym equipment located somewhere in the village.


Councillor Gill reported that dog waste bags were now kept in Adderbury Stores and fouling was becoming an issue in the village again.


Resolved that the report be noted.


  • Street Lighting – The Parish Council considered a request from Barbara Talbot for a new street light along Manor Road.


The Parish Council supported this request, if all the residents in that area were consulted and were happy with the proposal.  It was also highlighted that permission may need to be sought from the County Council and also Cherwell District Council, should the light be attached to a list building.


It was suggested that Barbara Talbot should be contacted and asked to consult with her neighbours over this proposal and if they were in agreement about the light and the location, the Parish Council would try and progress this with the County and District Councils.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted; and
  • Barbara Talbot be asked to consult with her neighbours on the proposal and report back to the Clerk. Action TG


  1. Traffic Issues – The Parish Council discussed the following highways matters in the village:


  • traffic lights at the junction of the A4260 and Aynho Road – Traffic was building up regularly from Adderbury towards Banbury along the A4260 as it appeared that the traffic lights had not been set correctly. The Clerk was asked to contact the County Council to request that the sequence be looked at. Action TG


  • a cul-de-sac sign for Lake Walk – Drivers were regularly driving their cars into Lake Walk looking for an alternative route, but they did not realise it was a dead end. Therefore, the Clerk was asked to contact Cherwell District Council about installing a cul-de-sac sign at the entrance to Lake Walk.  Action TG


  • a dropped kerb at the entrance of the Lakes – The Chairman reported that a dropped kerb would make the Lakes more accessible for disabled people. The Clerk was asked to contact the County Council to progress this matter. Action TG


  • a stop sign at the junction of Milton Road onto Horn Hill Road – It was reported that a stop sign might slow traffic down as it was coming from Milton Road onto Horn Hill Road. The Clerk was asked to contact the County Council about a new sign.  Action TG


  • issues of speeding and traffic volume on Horn Hill Road – It was reported that this was a on-going issue and the County Council should be asked to offer some advice on traffic calming measures for Horn Hill Road and further up through the village. The County Council should also be asked to consider again, a pinch point somewhere along that stretch of road. Action TG


  • traffic issues on Twyford Avenue – The Parish Council had received an email from a resident of Twyford about the increased volume of traffic through Twyford. The Parish Council felt that if the traffic light sequence could be adjusted, as discussed earlier, it might stop Twyford being used as a ‘rat-run’.


46/15     CORRESPONDENCE – The Clerk reported that she had received a telephone call from Mrs Crawford from Dog Close, about a broken window in her car.  Although there were no witnesses, she thought that the damage had been caused by the Parish Council’s grass cutting contractors.  The Clerk had contacted Thomas Fox and they were not aware of the incident and would not accept responsibility.  Therefore, Mrs Crawford had asked if the Parish Council would meet the £60 cost of the repairs.


The Parish Council agreed that as a gesture of good-will, it would pay £30 towards the repairs, but did not accept any responsibility for the incident.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted; and
  • Mrs Crawford be awarded £30 towards her repairs, on the production of a receipt for the work. Action TG




Resolved that in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the minutes numbered 48/15 & 49/15 on the grounds that it could involve the likely disclosure of private and confidential information which was not in the public domain.


48/15     ADDERBURY CEMETERY – The Chairman reported that following the last Parish Council meeting, the Clerk had been trying to arrange a meeting with Edd Frost and the grave digger, Alan Cleaver to discuss how the burials could be managed better. It was hoped that the meeting would be held in the next couple of weeks and any Councillors who were available, would be invited to attend.


The Chairman also reported that she was working on the arrangements to get the ditches cleared and had spoken to a contractor.


The Clerk reported that she had emailed Gordon Kelman at the County Council about the pipe underneath Erridge House and was waiting for him to come back to her.


The Clerk had also written several times to Hamptons who were the agents for Erridge House about the reimbursement relating to the clearance of the pipe under Erridge House, which the Parish Council had paid for when the pipe had become blocked.  There had not been any response from Hamptons, but it was reported that the agent had now changed so the new agent could be approached to sort out the issue.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted; and
  • the new agent for Erridge House be contacted with regard to the reimbursement. Action TG


49/15     FRIENDS MEETING HOUSE – The Chairman reported on the meeting which had been held with the Friends on Tuesday 7 July 2015 at 2pm.


The Chairman had attended the meeting along with Parish Councillors Patricia Leeman and Sue Jelfs, Rose Todd from Cherwell District Council, Andrew Fairburn the Parish Council’s agent and three Friends had also been in attendance.


The notes of the meeting had been circulated to the Parish Council prior to the meeting.  Councillor Sue Jelfs reported that the meeting had gone well, however the Parish Councillors could not discuss improved access to the building for the Friends, unless they were prepared to discuss the lease.


The Friends had stated that they had no wish to surrender the lease as their resources were stretched.  The Friends referred to the earlier discussions with the Historic Chapels Trust, who would take it over if it was in a very good condition.  But the Friends said they were no longer following that proposal as they had doubts about the HCT’s plans.


Rose Todd had suggested that there could be low key community events held in the Meeting House which would bring it to the attention of the community.


There would be another meeting in October 2015.


Resolved that the report be noted.


(The public and press were invited back in to the meeting at the conclusion of this item)




50/15     ADDERBURY RUNNING CLUB – Councillor Gill reported that the Running Club had requested to use the Lucy Plackett Playing Field for their event on Sunday 10 July 2016.


              Resolved that the request be approved.


51/15               LUCY PLACKETT PLAYING FIELD – Councillor Sue Jelfs reported on the re-seeding and weed spraying works which were being undertaken at the playing field.  The Parish Council was unclear about the progress with these works, so the Clerk suggested that Councillor Sue Jelfs could speak to the Chairman of Adderbury Park Football Club, James Collier, to find out the current situation.


Resolved that:


  • the report be noted; and
  • Councillor Sue Jelfs to contact James Collier to discuss the progress with the works to the playing field. Action TG/SJ


52/15               MEETING DATES – The Parish Council noted the following meeting dates, all commencing at 7.30pm at the Church House (unless otherwise stated):


  • No meeting in August 2015
  • 15 September 2015
  • 20 October 2015
  • 24 November 2015
  • No meeting in December 2015




  1. Twyford Road traffic issues
  2. Web site
  3. Lucy Plackett Playing Field
  4. Benches


(The meeting closed at 10.00pm)