Minutes – 1 December 2015

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Adderbury Parish Council Minutes 1 December 2015



PRESENT:     Councillor Diane Bratt (Chairman); Councillors Colin Astley, Diane Danton, Tony Gill, David Griffiths, Sue Jelfs, Patricia Leeman, Stuart Phipps, Martin Rye and Chris Shallis.


ALSO IN ATTENDANCE: Theresa Goss (Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer), Nick Fennell, Roger Dickinson, Andrew Barnes and two further members of the public.


APOLOGIES: Ann Lyons submitted her apologies because she was on holiday and that was accepted.  Apologies were also received from Trish Fennell.


The Chairman advised that should anyone wish to record the meeting, they could do so and asked that they informed the Parish Council at this point to ensure that the recording could be facilitated.


102/15   DECLARATION OF INTERESTS – There were no declarations of interest.


Resolved that the interests be noted.


103/15   ADDERBURY NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN (ANP)­ – Prior to the meeting, a health check report with regard to the ANP from Karen Moore, had been circulated to the Parish Council.


The Chairman allowed Nick Fennell, from the Community Group to address the Parish Council.  Mr Fennell suggested that the ANP/SAR Group should be given more time to digest Karen’s report and then agree a way forward at its meeting on Monday 7 December 2015.  Mr Fennell felt that the Group could still submit the ANP to Cherwell District Council, prior to Christmas.


The Chairman reminded the meeting that the Parish Council was the ‘Qualifying Body to deliver the Neighbourhood Plan’ and a resolution had been agreed previously to seek professional help if that was the recommendation from Karen Moore.


The report clearly demonstrated that the ANP in its current form was not fit for submission to CDC and Karen had highlighted a number of reasons for this, which were detailed in the report.


The Chairman then invited the Parish Councillors to make their comments on how to progress the ANP.


Councillors Patrica Leeman, Martin Rye, Diane Danton, Chris Shallis, David Griffiths and Stuart Phipps all agreed that following Karen’s recommendation that professional help was required to complete the Plan, that help should now be obtained.         However, there was some concern about the time element for completing the Plan.


Councillor Tony Gill felt that the ANP/SAR Group should be able to consider Karen’s report at its meeting next week and agree a way forward.  He felt that bringing in a consultant would take at least six months and in his opinion, the ANP needed to be completed quickly due to forthcoming changes in legislation.  Councillor Gill also highlighted what he considered, a number of inaccuracies in Karen’s report.  He also reiterated that he felt that it was a community owned Plan, which was not owned by the Parish Council, which was why the ANP/SAR Group should agree a way forward.


Councillor Colin Astley felt that the report was still in draft form and therefore, was not the final report.  He agreed with Councillor Gill that there were statements in the report which were not factually correct.  Councillor Astley felt that if professional help was required to finish the Plan, then it should be obtained, but not at this point.  He also felt there were some sweeping statements in the report and other statements which he did not agree with.


The Chairman felt it was disappointing that some Councillors were trying to discredit Karen Moore’s report, especially as they had recommended to the Parish Council that Karen’s services should be used for the health check.  Also, the arguments with regard to who owned the ANP, had been discussed many times and although the Plan was formed with the involvement of the community, it was owned by the Parish Council, as the ‘Qualifying Body’ and therefore, the Parish Council should agree how it should be progressed, in light of Karen’s report.


The meeting also was reminded that earlier in the year, it had been recommended to the Parish Council that it should engage a consultant to provide professional help with the Plan, but the ANP/SAR Group had assured the Parish Council that they could continue to produce the Plan without this help.  Therefore, work on the Plan had continued since May and now in December, it was still nowhere near fit for submission to CDC and it was clear that professional help was required.


The Chairman highlighted that not all of the report was negative, there were a number of good points which Karen had commented on too.


There were also polices on green spaces and boundaries which needed to be clarified.


If the services of a consultant were to be engaged, then grant funding would need to be applied for and the Parish Council had previously given the Chairman the authority to progress this.


The Chairman proposed that the Parish Council should seek the help of a professional consultant to assist with the completion of the Plan.  This was seconded by Councillor David Griffiths.


Councillor Tony Gill then requested a recorded voted.


Those in favour:  Councillor Diane Bratt, Diane Danton, David Griffiths, Patricia Leeman, Stuart Phipps, Martin Rye and Chris Shallis (7).

Those against:  Councillor Colin Astley, Tony Gill and Sue Jelfs (3).


Therefore the motion was carried.


There was further discussion about the future involvement of the Adderbury community in the process. Up to now, the community had a 50/50 representation with the Parish Council on the ANP/SAR Group which had been charged with delivering the Plan


Once the consultant had been appointed, the intention of the Parish Council was not to exclude the community which had worked so hard on the Plan and it was envisaged that the consultant would want to revise the ANP by working with the Community group, as well as the Parish Council.


Councillor Gill felt that the specification for the consultant should be agreed immediately and that it should be a decision for the ANP/SAR Groups.


However, others members felt that constraints should not be put on the consultant at this point.


Councillor Gill then proposed that the ANP/SAR Groups be given the authority to brief the consultant, after their meeting on Monday 7 December 2015.  This was seconded by Councillor Colin Astley.


A recorded vote was not requested.


Those in favour:  3

Those against:  7


Therefore the motion was not carried.


              Resolved that:


  • the Parish Council seeks the help of a professional consultant to assist with the completion of the ANP; Action DB/TG
  • the Chairman be given the authority to apply for grant funding to cover the costs of the consultant; Action DB
  • the Chairman be given the authority to obtain quotes from three consultants; Action DB/TG
  • the specification for the consultant be approved by the Parish Council before further work on the Plan is progressed; and Action DB/TG
  • Karen Moore be thanked for her report. Action TG


104/15             MEETING DATES – The Parish Council noted the following meeting dates, all commencing at 7.30pm at the Church House (unless otherwise stated):


  • 19 January 2016
  • 23 February 2016
  • 29 March 2016
  • 12 April 2016 (Annual Parish Meeting)



(The meeting closed at 8.40pm)