Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan

Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan Result


The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who turned out to vote, about 30% of the electorate.  The result of the Referendum held last Thursday was a resounding yes vote: 651 votes in favour and only 58 against.


The idea of a Neighbourhood Plan for Adderbury was first put forward to the Parish Council by the Chairman and Councillor Mike Dolamore in 2012 and it has been a long time in coming to fruition.


The Parish Council would like to thank everyone who has contributed and worked on the Neighbourhood Plan team over these years, especially Sam Brown who chaired the team working on the final version and also worked with Councillors and Cherwell District Council to complete the very final stage of the Plan after it was agreed by the Independent Examiner.


The Plan has now become part of Cherwell District Council’s (CDC) Local Plan and must be referred to as part of the planning process. The Plan is mainly about supporting CDC’s policies to prevent unsuitable development outside a defined settlement boundary and to protect and enhance the landscape in open countryside. There are also a number of Design Policies which aim to maintain the quality of architecture throughout the village and also policies which protect ten buildings and structures of local importance.


The Plan also includes policies to protect the environment by safeguarding Green Spaces and Open spaces within the village and to support Employment and Tourism in the Parish, as well as to provide new facilities for sports and community use on the Milton Road and work to improve facilities in the Lucy Placket Playing Field.


The Parish Council is pleased so many residents voted for these policies and it is hoped that the Parish Council will now move forward to provide the sort of village that residents have shown they want.


Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan (Made)

The Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan was submitted to an Independent Examiner on 1 March 2018.

Please click here for a copy of the initial letter from the Independent Examiner, Chris Collison, on 1 March 2018.

Please click here for an update from the Independent Examiner, Chris Collison, on 19 March 2018.

The Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan has been approved by the Examiner for progression to a village referendum.  Please click here for a copy of the Examiner’s report.

Health Check on Original ANP (which was subsequently abandoned)

ANP Pre-Submission Documents:

Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan – Pre-Submission Version

Policies Map

Adderbury Policies Map Inset A

Adderbury Policies Map Inset B

Adderbury Policies Map Inset C

Adderbury Policies Map Inset D

Appendix A Schedule of Evidence

Adderbury Community Assets report

Adderbury Green Space and Local Gaps

Adderbury Local Heritage Assets report

ANP Submission Documents:

The proposed Neighbourhood Plan is now at the Submission stage; the Parish Council has have agreed it (following the pre-submission consultation (documents above)) and it has been submitted to Cherwell District Council.

The Submission stage includes further public consultation, but this will be run by Cherwell District Council.  If that is all acceptable to Cherwell District Council, the Plan then goes to an Examiner, and then finally comes back to residents to be agreed at a referendum.

The Plan is available by clicking here. Listed below are the relevant maps and evidence.

Policies Map

Policy Map A

Policy Map B

Policy Map C

Appendix A – Schedule of Evidence

Community Assets Report

Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan Green Space and Local Gaps Report

Local Heritage Assets Report

Adderbury Neighbourhood Plan 2015 – 2030

Regulation 16 Consultation 12th October to 24th November 2017

Consultation Response Form


Adderbury Parish Council has prepared a Neighbourhood Development Plan for the parish of Adderbury. The District Council is undertaking public consultation on the Adderbury Neighbourhood Development Plan (‘the Submission Plan’) before it is submitted for examination.


The neighbourhood plan and all supporting documents can be viewed above or on the District Council’s website via: or hard copy at our Bodicote House offices, Banbury OX15 4AA 8.30am – 5.00pm and at Adderbury Library,  from on Tuesday: 10am -12pm & 3pm-7pm, Thursday 2pm-5pm & 6-7pm, Friday 10am-12pm & 2pm-5pm, Sat 9.30am-1pm.


Submitting Comments: Comments on the documents should be sent: By email to

or by post to: Planning Policy Team, Strategic Planning and the Economy, Cherwell District Council, Bodicote House, Bodicote, Banbury, OX15 4AA.  The consultation period commences on Thursday 12 October 2017 and the deadline for receiving representations is 5pm on Friday 24 November 2017. 

Representations received outside this period may not be accepted.

Please click here to download a copy of the comments form to make your submission.


More than 100 Adderbury residents have done a great deal of work over the last 4 years to get this neighbourhood plan to where we are now. The results of consultation meetings and surveys were distilled into the “TAP” report, which set out a vision and objectives for our village across a range of topics: housing, employment, education, community facilities, transport and the environment.

The headline objectives were that, whilst Adderbury should grow to allow a few more homes that it should stay as a village with clear buffers from Banbury and other villages. Since then over 180 new homes have been given approval in Adderbury and therefore this plan does not make provision for any more new homes.  Other important objectives were to protect the character of our village and plan for the improvement of our employment provision, services and leisure facilities over the next 15 years.

It is important to note that some of the TAP objectives, such as traffic reduction and wildlife protection can’t be addressed by land use planning policies and these will be addressed in a future Parish Plan prepared by Adderbury Parish Council.

This Neighbourhood Plan contains 18 land-use planning policies that will help to meet these objectives by being used to determine planning applications in the area. The policies will aim to protect the special character of the Parish to encourage development proposals for the benefit of the local community.

These policies are summarised below to give you a flavour:

Policy AD1: Settlement Boundary

The Neighbourhood Plan defines an Adderbury Settlement Boundary closely following the built up area of Adderbury.

Proposals for infill development within the boundary will be supported, provided they accord with the design and development management policies of the development plan and other policies of the Neighbourhood Plan.

Proposals for development outside the boundary will only supported if they are consistent with development plan policies on local landscape protection and the protection of the natural environment.


Policies AD2,3 & 4: Green infrastructure, Local Green Spaces, Open Spaces

The Neighbourhood Plan proposes the establishment of a Green Infrastructure Network around and within the village comprising a variety of green infrastructure assets, including informal open space and green spaces, allotments, playing fields. Assets of biodiversity value, play areas, footpaths, bridleways and cycle ways.

New development will not normally be permitted on land designated as Local Green Space or Local Open Space except in very special circumstances.

The following locations are designated as Local Green Spaces:

  • Lucy Plackett Playing Field (Off Round Close Road);
  • Colin Butler Green (Registered Common);
  • Adderbury Lakes Local Nature Reserve, off Lake Walk;
  • Adderbury Cemetery and the Quaker Burial Grounds and Meeting House;
  • Sports and community use Land to north side of Milton Road:
  • Historic stonewalled lambing paddock fronting onto Aynho Road (To west of the Pickled Ploughman Public House); and
  • Field with stone wall boundary abutting New Road, Adderbury. (West of Pump House Garage). Also known as Thistlewayte’s Field.
  • The Village Green

Local Open Spaces are:

  • Former railway embankment on southern edge of the Lucy Plackett Field;
  • Triangle of land at Horn Hill Road, Berry Hill Road and Milton Road;
  • Copse of trees south of Greenhill and Summers Close off Banbury Road;
  • The Village Pound on The Horn Hill Road, Berry Hill Road junction;
  • Bloor Homes, Aynho Road;
  • David Wilson Homes, south of Milton Road;
  • Rawlins Close Open Space, off Margaret Road;
  • The Crescent Open Space, Banbury Road;
  • The Rise Open Space, off Banbury Road;
  • Land to west of Adderbury Court Open Space;
  • Adderbury Court Garden, Banbury Road;
  • Keytes Close Amenity Area; Aynho Road;
  • Sydenham Close Open Space, Aynho Road;
  • Allotments, Adderbury House;
  • Griffin Close Amenity Area
  • Henry Jepp / Long Wall Close Open Space, Aynho Road; and
  • Lake Walk Green.


Policy AD5: Local Gaps

The Neighbourhood Plan provides Local Gaps (green “buffer zones”) between the village and Bodicote/Banbury and between the village and Milton to prevent the coalescence of the settlements into one built up area.


Development proposals within a Local Gap will only be supported if they do not harm, individually or cumulatively, its function and open character.


Policies AD6 to AD16: Design in Different Village Areas and Settings:

In each designated area there are appropriate design requirements encompassing such matters as: plot ratios; building height and form; type of building materials; boundary walls, fences, hedges and front gardens and their alignment to the road; tree plantings; natural verges to the highway; informal green spaces; footways; maintaining lines of sight to the Church and views of the countryside


Policy AD17: Local Heritage Assets

The Neighbourhood Plan identifies the following buildings and structures as Local Heritage Assets by way of their local architectural or historic interest:

  • The Crescent
  • The Pump House Garage
  • The Walled Lambing Paddock, Aynho Road
  • The Friends Meeting House, Horn Hill Road
  • The Pound, Horn Hill Road
  • The Ice House, Adderbury Lakes
  • Long Wall, Long Wall Path
  • Twyford Tea Gardens, Banbury Road
  • The Well, Horn Hill road

Proposals for a change of use or alteration that will result in harm to the significance of a Local Heritage Asset, or for its demolition, will be resisted.


Policy AD18: New Community Facilities

The Plan allocates land off Milton Road, West Adderbury for sports and community uses. Proposals for such uses of the land will be supported, provided:

  1. Any buildings on site are ancillary to such uses and have regard to the location of the site in the West Adderbury – Milton Local Gap;
  2. Vehicular access is made from Milton Road and sufficient car parking spaces are provided;

iii        Safe pedestrian and cycle access is developed to the site; and

iv        The layout, the landscape scheme and any lighting have regard to the proximity of the adjoining residential and employment uses.

The recent leisure survey of Adderbury households identified multiple possible uses on the Milton Road site with a preference for a large community centre, football pitches and part woodland on the site.


Proposals for the improvement and extension of the community facilities at Lucy Plackett Fields will be supported, provided they do not undermine the visual integrity of the Local Green Space.


The leisure survey identified multiple possible uses on the Lucy Plackett Field with preference for a small community centre and an upgrade of the play area.


Policy AD19: Community Assets & Local Services

The plan identifies important community assets and local services and supports projects that would improve the viability of those assets. The plan resists the loss of any of those assets, except where the local service is not financially viable. The plan also supports the creation of new shops and services.

Policy AD20 Promoting New Employment

The plan supports development proposals that would provide new employment opportunities within the settlement boundary, at the business parks and along the Oxford Canal. The plan will resists the loss of business-use except where it is deemed that the business is no longer financially viable.

Policy AD21: Community Infrastructure Levy

The Neighbourhood Plan identifies the following projects as priorities for investing in local infrastructure:

·       Improving Cycle safety and connectivity of off-road cycleways

·       Maintaining heritage assets

·       Funding of Adderbury Library services

·       Leisure requirements determined by outcome of questionnaire

·       Provision of land for use as a cemetery

Click here to download a copy of this information, which also includes the relevant maps.