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Parish Councillor – Vacancy

There is a vacancy for a Councillor on Adderbury Parish Council.
Being a Parish Councillor in Adderbury gives you a real opportunity to make a difference to the community and it gives you a chance to help make Adderbury an even better place to live.
To find out more about joining Adderbury Parish Council, call Theresa Goss on 01295 710965 or email adderburypc@hotmail.com
To apply for the vacancy, just write a brief summary about you and your skills and why you would like to be a Parish Councillor and send it to Theresa at 3 Tanners Close, Middleton Cheney, Banbury, OX17 2GD or email to adderburypc@hotmail.com

There are ten Parish Council meetings per year, plus the Annual Parish Meeting which are usually held in the Church House, Adderbury, and the various Working Groups meet on an ad-hoc basis.

The Parish Council is the first tier of local government. Layered above it are Cherwell District Council and Oxfordshire County Council.

The Parish Council has specific areas of responsibility such as cemetery maintenance, cutting of the grass verges and the Lucy Plackett Playing Field, as well as maintaining benches, noticeboards and litters bins, which are budgeted for on an annual basis. The Parish Council is able to pay for these works within the village from the precept payment it receives from Cherwell District Council, and the annual grass cutting grant from Oxfordshire County Council. Further details of the Parish Council’s responsibilities can be found on the next page of the web site.

The role of a Parish Councillor in Adderbury is undertaken on a voluntary basis and members are not paid allowances.

The next Adderbury Parish Council elections will be held in May 2020.